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Engaging in the process of creativity by using expressive arts as painting, drawing, dancing, writing and meditating is a great path to become more spontaneous and uninhibited. You will have an opportunity to reawake your creativity. You will feel free and playful, you will be able to experience the joy to be child again, you will have fun and become playful  and spontaneous.

The benefits to be involved in expressive arts workshop:

  1. Express your self freely
  2. Relief pressure
  3. Learn who you are
  4. Heal yourself from fears
  5. Solve your problems
  6. Release energy
  7. Identify and be in touch with your feelings
  8. Explore unconscious material
  9. Gain insights
  10. Overcome life difficulties
  11. Discover intuitive mythological and spiritual dimensions of the self
  12. Discover how to make a connection between mind and body

Every workshop continues 3 hours. We provide all materials for the shop, including, papers, pencils, pastels, water and oil paint. Soft drinks as pop, water and juice are offered during the session.
During the workshops you will have different experience: meditation, painting, drawing, making collages, dancing your feelings and desire. You will discover symbols and images and begin to put meanings to these symbols. You will make movements that come from inside out. You may cry, sing or lift your voice. You will be able to discover how to connect your mind and body. Finally, you can share with others your feelings, emotions and experience. After classes, private consultations for discussions are available upon request with appointments for additional charges of $20.


  1. Who I am?
  2. Face your shadow
  3. My wild side
  4. Find your inner spirit
  5. Decision making
  6. Overcome life transitions
  7. Overcome emotional and overeating
  8. New beginnings
  9. Let it go

The cost of single workshop is $50
2 classes $ 90
3 classes$125
4 classes $155
5 classes $140
Recommend a person- get 25 % off
Bring 2 people for a class –get 50% off
Invite 5 people – your class is free.
All classes are lead by Margarita Ivanova. Margarita Ivanova holds Bachelor degree of Art in Psychology from DePaul University. Margarita Ivanova is known as Astro Gita with her astrology consultations. She works for Bulgarian news papers, she had been writing weekly horoscope for the last 10 years. She writes and leads women’s forum on Bulgarian news paper” Bulgaria now” pages  with the name “Confession”, which attracts many women to express their feelings and look for Gita’s advice. She had held a few spirituality classes within Bulgarian learning center and the spiritual group within the school “ Believing eyes”. Margarita Ivanova created her own healthy eating and loss weight program: “Love your self” for young adults. She leads the program and she directs teenagers to make behavioral changes for healthy eating and living.
For more information about Creative arts work shops call: 773-414-9756
Or write to her Email: