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Gita- Thank you very much for your professional sessions of astrology and life coaching. Every time after I discuss with you, I feel very good and I have a sense of direction on what I need to accomplish next in order to move forward.
Your calm and meditation bring happiness to our world and make us better people ready for our daily tasks.Keep doing a great job. Liana

You are remarkable and oh-so Good! I do value your services and honor you. Thank you for your advice and wisdom on the relationship with my son. I will always comeback to you, when I need advice, Gita.
Lark West

When I start thinking of Margarita Ivanova- Gita, the phrase of Pope Francis comes to my mind: "You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. This is how the prayer works".
Gita's consultation is not just one time relationship. Gita is your mother, your friend, your mentor. She is compassionate and loving women, she is going a long way to help you as much as she can with her knowledge, time and wisdom, references, she put as much energy and time as you need, she lends a hand for you until you reach your goal. Thank you, Gita. I honor you.

"In the Fall of 2012, Gita advised me to get out and enjoy socializing, since my forecast indicated I could meet someone wonderful and end up getting married again. Her advice was startling and seemed highly unlikely, given the tragic death of my first wife due to cancer. Nonetheless, I trusted Gita and took for her advice. I met Anna soon thereafter--we got married in September, 2013. We are very lucky and happy together. Now we both consult Gita regularly and are really thankful she is our astrologer."
Greg & Anna

Gita is an impeccable, gifted astrologer and guide. She is crystal clear, kind, witty, intuitive, compassionate, and creative. Gita's approach is unique and personal, and right on! Her work is a synergistic fusion of astrology, psychology, and deep healing which leads to a one of a kind transformative journey.
She has guided me to healing and to a path headed straight for Paradise, within and without. I recommend Gita for all situations and questions you have. With her help, your life will inevitably grow in new and exciting directions."
Thanks so much, Judy Nicol

First time, I and my husband have consulted Gita in 2002 concerning business and personal matters. In 2003, we asked Gita how our family business could increase the revenue. She said that to do so we must relocate, since Chicago is not a good location for our money. We were chocked, as we were born here and we wanted to stay here. She also advise us when and what to do in order to sell our home and business for the most profit and when to leave Chicago. The relocation chart she made for our business pointed Phoenix, Arizona. After a year, we made the big change. Well, after two years, we finally believe in Gita, s advice. The same business we had in Chicago increased the revenue almost four times, we were so happy. For more than 10 years now, Gita's advice has been accurate, encouraging and extremely valuable to us. We recommend her services highly.
Katie & Steve

At a time when major life decisions were confronting me, I' was lucky that wonderful people pop up in my life when I need them. I had an astrology reading and art therapy class with Gita, when I was considering a major move from New York to Chicago and found it to be very helpful and healing. Gita's consultation was informative, encouraging and motivating. Her expertise on relocation and moving is greatly enhanced by her ability to translate charts into "plain English" and to guides her clients as well. Her practical encouragement was invaluable for me.
Thank you, John

Rather than just answering my many questions, during the consultation with Gita, she gave me options on how best to handle situations that constantly occur in my life--due to my astrology profile. I found the combination of astrology and her amazing talents invaluable. What a gift she has! All this only took one hour. I plan to be Astro Gita for a very long time.
If you want good answers to your key questions in life, trust me, talk with Gita. You won't regret it."
Dayana Stefanov

A few things I would like to say about Margarita are that she is a very intelligent, warm, and caring woman. Every time we ho to her and me would talk to her, I would have a warm feeling that someone cares about my feelings and health. In her class she did various activities with my brother and me. She would have us draw how we feel, paint pictures, write diary. Every time we went to her class, she would give us 15 minutes to meditate and relax to soft, beautiful music that would just make us more awake and more relaxed with ourselves. Every time we would visit Margarita she would always listen to us and what we have to say about our health and what we are eating and doing with ourselves. She would always say the right thing and always have a good plan for us to keep on doing. When we would go home, we will feel good and have more energy than we had in the beginning of the day.†I would definitely advise anyone who is curious about his/her health and feelings to go to Margarita and have a few sessions with her, you will see that you will feel good about yourself and that Margarita never says the wrong thing. Lora

I am mother and have two children-15 and 17 years old. They were junk food fan. My daughter is overweight with high blood pressure. Thanks to Margarita†Ivanova and her positive attitude and nutrition lessons, my children start to think about healthy food and healthy life style. My daughter loose 25 pounds for the first two months and this is just the start. By applying art therapy and having fun, Margarita helps them to learn who they are and how they feel after eating. Now they understand a lot about nutrition and how the junk food impacts their bodies. Since I participated in all classes, now I shop more healthy food and learn how to cook and eat healthy. Our childrenís health has no price and even in todayís tough economy, it is worth to pay for Margarita Ivanova classes. I appreciated Margarita's help, knowledge, support and sensitivity to studentís special and changing needs. Milena

Before I took the Healthy Eating class, led by Margarita Ivanova, I used to eat really unhealthy, even more, some times I had stomach problem and heartburns. This class change my attitude toward food. I learned a lot about foods and now I do not go to Mc Donaldís any more. I learned which foods are bad and which are good. I changed my eating habits, now I eat healthier. Now I feel better, I have more energy and I am more confident in myself. The class was really fun for me and I think more people should try it. Andi
Thank you, Margarita. I appreciate your help. You show me how to eat healthy, how to start a new, healthy life style and to change my life completely. I learned from your sessions how to eat right, how to take care of myself, to fight for my happiness. I lost 35 pounds for three months and I feel great. Goldie