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The year of 2019 started off with your ruling planet Mars in your first house. This will give you a bust and desire to achieve your goals. Having Mars effect will be prominent throughout the year. Put your inquisitiveness and bold personality to good use and look out for new opportunities coming your way. Try to keep a cool manner and control your emotions during the February and until March ends, as your emotions will be supercharged during this time.
You will be faced with a couple of challenges in 2019, but your optimistic nature and natural born leadership skills will help you blaze past any obstacles without panic. Use your tremendous energy to focus entirely on yourself: your health, spirituality, goals and aspirations. If a new opportunity to extravagance comes along, don't hesitate to grab it and keep your energy up and cheerful.

Love and relationships
The year starts off with the Venus in your 9th house - legal issues and long distance traveling, foreigners and people from different culture. The stars have chosen to put you into uneven trail for your love life this year. The road to love will be winding and full of twists and unexpected developments. Hang in there and put your charm to good use. You may have to wait until April to see some progress. The Sun will light your road from March 21 to April 21. Luckily, Venus the planet of love, money and pleasure will visit your sign and stay with you from April 21 to May 15, when you will attract money and love. This is the time to ask for favors and fulfill your heart desire. Another great event that happens once in 4 years can put a smile in your face, both Venus and Mars will travel through your 5th house of love and pleasure, hand by hand from July 29 to August 18. This will probably be your best time of the year, maybe best summer, since the last few years were testing your love life. If you have partner, you love life will flourish, if you are single- expect to meat your soul mate, the one that understand you heart, at the same time has the same energy like yours and will be your best intimate mate. Jupiter is your best friend and it travels whole year long through your house of long distance journey, foreigners and higher education. Someone with sweet accent will make you smile.

Business and money
Your career in 2019 is going to see growth and appreciation if you learn the lesson of Saturn. The last one travels in your career and social status. Hard work, devotion, responsibility and disciplines are the key words. If you like structure and rules, Saturn will help you to see the fruits of your efforts.
You need to make the bold choices, this will keep your passion alive. Though you will be keen to make career advancements quickly, don't be too hasty in your pursuit of success. Cool your fire a bit, and handle things with tact. This is not the year to use your power, it is to lay low and follow the policy and authority, if you want to advance. Diplomacy and patience coupled with passion and talent will make you super powerful. Prepare to work hard and to have competitors between August 19 and October 4.2019.
Uranus, that rules your friends and social contact moves to Taurus on March 6th. This is a big change for you, you hosted the planet of revolution for the last 7 years. Now, as you have a full freedom, you have the chances to do something unique and unordinary. Uranus moves to your second house of money. Where it walks, we feel shake ups, insecurity, as Uranus test and quake everything. Your income may become unstable, but you may have original ideas how to make more money. You may have no stable income, for this reason, try to save some of the large sum that comes here and there, to have save for a rainy days.

You will enjoy good health all throughout the year. You can plan to start a workout regime in 2019 or take up something that will help you in achieving your fitness goals. Your decisions and activities this year would have lasting effects on your health. March can be difficult, emotionally and physically. Exercise and good sleep, combined with other stress management techniques can help you to overcome the emotional period of pressure.
Saturn retrograde during May and June, you may see some old health problems resurfacing; sometimes you may harm your own health because of the fire inside of you to chase your dreams. Always remember that health is more important than wealth and fame.




I have a big news for you, Taurus! 2019 will be a tear to remember, as Uranus, the revolutionary planet will move to Taurus in March 06. This will influence and change completely you life, especially, if you are born in the end of April- the first decade of Taurus. Uranus rules your career sector and it will be with you for the next 7 years.
With Venus in your 6th house of health and work during the beginning of the year, your endurance and willpower might be tested by some illness and opposition from opponents. 2019 might brings big surprises in romance, as well. Love is in the air and spread like sunshine all around you this year! New beginnings, re-ignited sparks of love and even marriage are in store for you.
Your thoroughness and popularity might invite some jealousy. You can stay balanced in the whirlwind with your innate qualities and strength. Put your best foot forward in all your endeavors and you will be pleasantly surprised by the blessings showered on you by the stars. Perseverance is your key to success. Have a plan B in place when Saturn starts its retrograde motion during April and May. Success and business result are slow and you may experience seatback. Your strength and stamina may help you when difficulties come. You are dependable and firm as a rock as always, dear Taurus.

Love and relationships
Mercury rules your 5 house of love; it conjuncts Jupiter in your 7th house at the beginning of the year. For you, 2019 carries some very exciting prospects, there is an aura of romance, the blossoming of new relationships and a lot of flirting for single Taurus. Your professional responsibilities are likely to keep you busy throughout the year and during April and to middle of May; you will have no time for your loved one. During Mars in Taurus from February 15 to the end of March, you will be full of energy and desire to concur the world, still, with Mercury Retro in 11 house of friends during March, try to slow down and think twice before you talk or do anything. An old flame may come back to your life. Ask yourself, why you broke up in the first place before you renew this old love.
As you appreciate stability and security above all else in romance, you will be happy in warm, comfortable, safe relationships, and you will only prize a loyal and loving partner.
Venus will be in your own sign, dear Taurus, from May 16 to June 9, this will be your time to shine, change outlook and attract money and love. Expect good news and happy moment in this time.
Venus and Mars will travel together in your 5th house of love and pleasure from August 22 to September 14. Mark this time for vacation, fun, for wonderful time spend with loved one or children. If you are single, don't stay home, it is time for intense dating.

Business and money
Saturn will be all year long in the 9house of long distance travel and foreigners. There are hints that your career in 2019 will take you to new heights and new destinations, and you will find many exciting new opportunities. You may come across an opportunity to go abroad or to a distant destination as part of your work. Your ideas will be unique and will help you, you will be noticed in the crowd.
Jupiter, the planet of good luck is traveling in your eighth house of joint accounts and other people money- all year long. Be conservative, don't use your credit cards, don't take any loans, if you do, calculate well how you will pay them back. Saturn will be retro in April and May, this is a time to slow down and be cautious with your business speculations. Your luck may come through your partner who may get an awesome job or through new partnerships that make you flourish financially.
Your career progress this year will boost your confidence, Taurus, especially with original, innovative, freedom loving Uranus in your own sign this year and many more ahead. You feel secure in your position, and you are proud of your status. Still, expect new opportunity to change your status, career, or you may move to a new town. You love the freedom and independence and Uranus will make you some kind of restless, even you are not such in reality. You may decide to turn 180 degrees and do something choking in other people's eyes, do whatever, you feel is good for you, you need a dash of excitement, you need to feel alive.

Your restlessness, if you are born in the first decade, due to Uranus in Taurus, from March 07.2019, may causes some nervousness. As soon as you make the decision and change what you have to change, you will feel better, as you need to replace the old and let the new things come to your life. The time from the beginning of March until April 20 can bring small irritations and manor infection. Pay attention to you trout, voice, your bones and teeth. The root causing of most of the health issues is the stress.
You should take extra care of your health from middle of September and October 2019, because there are chances of getting affected by contagious diseases. Protect your immune system. Rest enough, sleep well and eat healthy. Engage yourself in some creative work and reside off all negative people and situations. Practice yoga, meditation or aromatherapy.



You will be lucky all year long through partnerships thanks to Jupiter, the planet of good luck in your seventh house. It is a year to get married or make new partnerships, sign new contracts. If you do, you will have prosperity and abundance until it lasts and the chances are very good, you will be pleasantly surprised. Your year may start with pleasurable trip, you will enjoy your family and your partner's company. Expect to have support from all of them. This year, Gemini, all of your hard work and dedication will begin to pay off in all aspects of life: career, family, love, health and finance.

Love and relationships
With Jupiter in the 7house of partnerships, you will have no problems to find love or to keep your relationship happy. Venus is the planet of love, it also rules your 5th house of fun and pleasure.
From April 1st to May 16, Mars the planet that rules your friends, groups and organization will be in your sign Gemini. Take enough rest, as your social life will be intense meting friends and networking. You never know, if you are single, a special one that you are looking for could be in one of your friend's gatherings.
It will be wonderful time, if you go to gym and exercise before 10th of June 2019. Prepare your body and mind for the good time that is in your way. Venus will be in Gemini from June 10 to July 3rd; be ready for the love chances that are in store for you; you can change hairstyle or go to a department store to buy new outfit and prepare for the summer. This will be a time to attract new people for your cause or new partnerships. You will be especially attractive, as the Sun and Venus, both will be with you in Gemini from June 10 to June 22. Another chance to enjoy your love life and have fun, great sex and pleasure will be from September 15 to October 5th, when Venus travel in Libra, your fifth house of fun. For the lovebirds out there, this year is full of sweet surprises. Show more of your genuine and humane side rather than flirt and you will have one of your best years.

Business and money
Be conservative and well focused on your money sector during April and May; first Jupiter in the middle of April, then Saturn at the end of April start their retro cycle, advising you to slow down and wait for better time to do something new. You are versatile, adaptable and like new endeavors and temptations, better wait this time. Saturn rules 8th house of other people money, credits, loans, taxes in you chart. It will be better to give attention during May and June and pay all your debt and bills before you launch any new bossiness ventures.
Mercury will be retro in March in your career sector and then again from July 4 to 31st in your second house of money. It is a time to reatdthe blue print, pay attention to details and stay away from signing new contracts.
Money and good deal will be presented thanks to your legal partnerships.

Mercury is the key planet, significant in matters related to your health. Mercury retro in March in career sector can bring stress. Sleep enough and take a good rests, don't overload your schedule. You, Gemini have tendency to stay late and not sleep enough; remember staying late hours on computer can keep you wake long than you expected. Make your schedule lighter and don't promise more than you can finish. Keep your body hydrated during the last quarter of 2019.

Keep a good fitness work, stay healthy by eating more fruits and vegetables and take your vitamins. Reduce the stress, as your planet Mercury will be retro, next time- in Scorpio, your 6 house of health and work from 1st to 21st of November.
If you experience any health issues, consult with specialist. The most important, meditate, as you have tendency to live on your head most of the time. Remember, you need a break, here and there to be able to recharge your batteries.

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In 2019, you will be blessed with all the pleasures and luxuries which the stars has to offer and will have some of the most memorable times of your life in 2019! With Saturn in your 7 house of partnership, 2019 indicates the beginning of an emotional dramatic experience. Although you like your feet firmly planted on the ground, you might feel restless or desire to change and move a lot. This would be a sign to look out for better career options and new business opportunities. At home, there may be some upset due to misunderstandings between family members during the April and May. Don't ignore any family member; relatives are first, before friends.
Fresh opportunities are your way during the summer, especially June and July.
Your thoughts become your reality, so always think positive. You might go on vacation or travel for a while during the June -July 2019 period. Even exploring your own country will satisfy the wanderlust in you. Be confident in your skills and talents especially during the June -July when the period brings fresh opportunities. This will raise your confidence and self esteem.
Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, travel in your 6th house of work and health. You will have a good luck to work from home or in environment, where you feel good, comfortable and pleasant. If you are looking for health benefits or new insurance agent, or want to change doctor- this is your year!

Love and relationships
Saturn, your natural partner will stay all year long in your seventh house of partnership. Remember Saturn lesson number one in this house: It is time to give, not to receive! It is time to be in service to the people you love, if you do, next year, when Saturn come out of this house, the rewards will wait for you by the door. Devote yourself completely and stay close to your home and your partner. It is not going to be easy all year long, but you know that you have to. It is a time to pay attention to your partners needs and to offer best service and love. Saturn may represent older or sick partner or someone else- teacher or mentor in your life, one you may have a karmic relationship, it is time to pay your due. Make sure, you listen to your partner's point and respect their opinion no matter how contradicting it is to yours. Be a little more patient, stay positive, dear Cancer. If you feel "cold" or isolated in the company of your family and loved one, love yourself and do not forget- if you don't feel good, you can not help these you love!
Venus, the planet of love will spend 24 days in Cancer from July 4 to July 28. Now, you can travel, enjoy hobby or just relax and feel good. At the same time, the Sun will be in your sign too. It is a good symbol. Enjoy this beautiful time.
One more time, Venus will travel in your fun and pleasure home from October 9 to the end of October. Your wild side will come out at the end of the year- from November 20 to the end of December- Mars the sexy planet will be in your fifth house of love, pleasure and sex. Enjoy!

Business and money
Dear Cancer, 2019 is a very exciting year for you from the career perspective; expect many opportunities to come your way. A promotion might be awaiting in 2019 or you might finally get a chance to go abroad. Mars is the key planet as far as your career is concerned and Mars will be placed in your 10th house at the beginning of the New Year. You will have the support from authority and friends, you will be able to make money through your work, as well through your partners. Even more, inheritance or unexpected money comes from the wind. With your great personality and passion whatever you do, you are in the road to pick up the fruits of your hard work. Expect your social life and networking to get to a higher level after March 7, as Uranus moves to your house of friends, groups and organizations. Unusual friends may offer you a hand; groups you join this year can open a new doors for you.

With too many responsibility and demands from partnerships, your life can be stressful during 2019. At the same time, Jupiter in 6 house of health can help you to find balance in your work load and the best doctor or remedy, if you need any medical help.
In March, you will begin to feel overwhelmed, if you are having too many duties on the work front. Naturally, your instinct will be to retreat at home, and this is the right choice. Take a break, stay close to home, eat healthy and sleep well. Walk in a nature with friends. Go to the forest, if possible.
Be careful driving or working with sharp object in April. In September- protect your stomach- eat light and make sure you don't eat when you are emotionally upset- it can be toxic to your body, as the body and soul are connected. Heal you soul, do something that makes you feel good, like yoga, or cooking, or just talk to someone you trust! Most important - find outlet to express your strong feelings- start a diary, meditate often, listen your favorite artist and musicians- this will help to heal easily and clear your brain.


Sun transits are very significant for the Leo horoscope, as it is the ruler of your zodiac sign. The Sun's conjunction with Saturn in your sixth in the beginning of 2019 means that this is the time for you to shine, and to propel your career to new echelons of success.
Jupiter, the ruler of your 5th house of love will travel here all year long, this confirms that you are going to find love, will have fun and enjoy your life more than you have been in the last few years. Jupiter is the planet of good luck; whatever it touches- it blossoms, increases and expands. Do you want to have children or develop a new hobby? Do you want to start a new creative project, this is the best year for you. You may travel a lot, not only in your state, also, internationally. Remember, Leo, you are talented, you are generous and ambitious, all this characteristic can contribute to your success and popularity in 2019.

Love and relationships
You are one of the luckiest sign this year, when we talk about love and creativity. Make sure you have time to enjoy your life, sign up for creative class or plan to develop your talent and work on your favorite project - you name it. If you are single and looking to find a partner, this will be the year to find your soul mate, someone that enjoy life to the fullest; someone you can share your unique life and have delightful time.
Venus the planet of love will shine on your sign and you will be able to attract this girl/ guy that you have crush on.
Circle among friends and groups when Venus is in your sign from July 29 to August 21st. At the same time, the Sun, your planet, will be in Leo, as well. Wow! Such of beautiful duo, go on vacation, travel, do what's make you happy and you will attract your life mate. Mars, the planet that rules your international traveling and journey will be in Leo from July 2 to August 18. Venus and Mars will met in your own sign from July 29 to August 18! This is a rare meeting, once in 4 years. When Venus is in your sign, you attract love, money and beauty. When Mars is there, you attract a partner that you can enjoy together pleasure, have many activity and great sex. This is the time to find your soul mate, as this is the most harmonious aspect for love, but also, for balance and peace. Is not that the best news for 2019, dear Leo?! If you are married, your life with your partner can be satisfying, or you decide to get married or to have children. Don't forget, Jupiter will works full time in your behalf, as well. Enjoy this beautiful year!

Business and money
This is a year of relative financial stability for you as compared to previous years.
Talking about money, first to point the time you may protect your finances by not signing any new contracts or deal. Mercury, rules you finances will be retro two times this year. The first time will be almost the entire month of March, in your 8 house. This house rule banks, loans, partnerships money and taxes. Be thrifty, as big sum of money may come out of your packet. Remember, look for small details and hold any decisions until April. The second time Mercury is going to be Retro is from July 8 to August 1st. Delays in payments or receiving funds are indicated during this time. Mercury Retro can effects your finances, as well, as your health.
Saturn, traveling in your 6 house of work and service requires a devotion and long hours of work. You will be rewarded, as soon as Saturn leaves this house in march 2020. Still, you have to make efforts. Thanks to your industrious nature and desire to be the best, you can achieve your goals.
You will be rewarded with financial gain by the end of the year, as the Universe recognizes that you have taken a chance that you had previously declined. You will triumph in 2019, Leo! You will see self-improvement in many ways, and you will have many opportunities to reflect on your plans.

You will be in a good condition if you exercise, use a treadmill and do your cardio regularly. You know that Leo rules the heart and cardiovascular system; having this in mind, you have to protect your self. Need to loose a few pounds, you can start from the beginning of the year, as Saturn travel in your 6 house of work or health. Wanted, or not, you will be pushed from Saturn to loss weight and live healthier, other wise, Saturn will not going to pass you without any health issues. Take your vitamins and calcium, Saturn rule bones, knee and gallbladder. Clean your system, don't drink too much coffee or other stimulants! You have plenty of energy, you are enthusiastic fire sign! If you feel too hot or burning, spend more time near water, this will help you heal faster.

During the second Mercury Retro from July 8 to August 1st, try to get enough rest, no junk food! I know, Venus will be there and will spoil you, but you need to have balanced diet and schedule, otherwise, if you exhaust your body, you may catch some bugs. Your troth or tonsils can be effected, even you may get fever.
Strength training regimen and aerobics should be given emphasis when you hit the gym. Engaging in something that interests your fiery nature, like spinning or zumba is a good idea.


I have amazing news for you, dear Virgo, an opportunity that can liberate you, that you can widen your horizons, learn new language or just travel internationally and meet new people from different culture are in your road this year. Doors are open for you to see the world and to have great experience. Imagine taking long journey to places you never been before. Foreigners enter your life to help you and bring some excitement. This is valid mainly for the first decade of Virgo. Uranus moves to your 9th house of traveling and higher education on March 6.2019. The choice is yours, to travel and to study, to increase your knowledge about the world; you name it. Uranus will stay here for the next 7 years. Keep your suit case close to the door, if you have no such, better buy a new, bigger one, you are going to have amazing year, full of surprises.
Family, home and your parents will take most of your time this year! You will be happy to spend time with your relatives and parents. You may remodel your house or decide to buy a new one. Home, family happiness will take central stage. Your feelings and emotions are content and you feel that finally you have something to make you smile. Remodeling your home is possible or moving to a new larger one. The other opportunity is that you may buy a property in the country, to have a place you can retreat when is possible. You will enjoy the complete support of your siblings and friends in all endeavors.

Love and relationships
Saturn governs your love life, pleasure, fun and children. Saturn travel in the same 5th house all year long. It is not anything new, as you have Saturn in this place since December 2017. I know, is not very easy for you, as you have many restriction on this sector, you have many obligations and lot of lessons to learn. As Saturn moves Retro from April 30 to September 18, you may see some obstacles in the road to enjoy your life freely. You may have to put many efforts to finish a creative project, or your children need your assistance and attention. Stay positive! Next year, by the end of March 2020, Saturn will leave the 5th house and put his rewards by the door for your hard work and dedication.
Venus, the planet of love will be in your sign from August 22 to September 14, also, the Sun will be in Virgo at this time, too. Luckily, once in 4 years, you will have Mars conjunct Venus and the Sun. This is amazing, dear Virgo, as Venus and Mars together is remarkable aspect that can bring so much pleasure, entertainment and creativity. Plan some vacation or change your outlook and wardrobe. You will look good and feel good, you will attract love and money. If you are single, you will meet your soul mate during this astonishing time. Virgo in relationship will be very happy too and you will enjoy very much spending time with the one you love.
Expect more fun from November 27 to December 20, when Venus will bring love and pleasure in your own home, as Venus will be in your 5th house of love, children and creativity.

Business and money
The year started with Venus and Moon both in your house of money, this is a good sign for prosperity all year long. Still, control your spending. If you want to invest your money in shares, then do it in May, after you made your research and analysis.
Venus rules love, also money and Venus again, I am writing , will be in Virgo from August 22 to September 14, then enters Libra- your house of money- to stay another 26 days. If you are going to ask for raise or promotion, plan to do it from September 15 to October 11, at this time, you have the support from the Sun and Saturn.
During Mercury Retro from March 6 to 30, do not sign any papers or contract, as your ruling planet will be Retro in your partnership home. Don't start anything new. Carefully go through any documents before putting your signature during mid -2019, as well, when Mercury have the second of Retro movement, there are chances of your, being manipulated and betrayed.

In general, you will be in a good health during the entire 2019. The stress related issue are possible, as Saturn signed for you many duties, your children or a heavy creative project may consume most of you leisure time. Practice stress management, yoga. Eat healthy, protect your digestive system- it sis your week part. If you do so, you will be ok. Clean your body and digestive system during the spring, as March and April are most difficult for you. Spend more time out in the sun, sign up for a gym and decrease the calories intake. Sleep well and protect from germs in the late July days and August, as the Sun will travel in your 12 house of isolation. Spend time alone, meditate and use creativity to heal and recharge your batteries.


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You must spend enough time with your loved one and give enough attention to family members and parents, as they need your love and consideration during 2019. Saturn the planet ruler of your home and family will spend the entire year in Capricorn- your home, family and roots. Don't be surprised if you are pulled in two directions and have no time for self. Career and family have priority, but you must find balance to have peace, as the demands you ask you to be in both places. You know, Saturn is an old guy and he wants to be a boss and put many restriction and weights on you. Not always, an old man, but someone that have priority or think you have obligation toward. You will be busy and everyone will want a peace of you. Manage well your time and give your family members, especially old ones plenty of time, concentrate your energy and offer them whatever they need; only this way, you will be able to sleep well, feel good and have no misunderstandings. If you don't, Saturn testing time can be difficult and you may lose some of them, or at list, have some heated arguments.
You are going to have many local visits and traveling around the area with many successfully signed contracts. You may have new vehicle or you may reunite or brothers or sister, as Jupiter, the planet of good luck travels in your 3 house of communications, relatives and neighbors.

Love and relationship
The year 2019 starts with Mars in your seventh house of partnerships. This can be a sign that you and your partner may have some disagreement this year. Be optimistic and make compromise during the first two moths of the year.
From 2nd of March until March 26,Venus will be traveling in 5th house of love and pleasure. This will be wonderful to take vacation and spend time with loved one or your children.

Mars, the planet of energy and sex will be in your 5th house of fun from April 1st to May 17. Great adventures and excitement can be expected, a lot of physical activity and fun time with your loved ones. Venus will join this amazing party, as it travels in your in 7 house of partners from 21 April to May 17. Wow! April and May, both promise to be months for fun and creativity with you children or significant one. If you are single- mingle with friends and don't refuse any party invitations during April and May, you can attract the man / women you are looking for.

The planet of beauty and love, your ruling planet Venus will be in your sign, dear Libra, from September 15 - to October 5, at the same time, the Sun will be in your sign, as well, from Sep 22 to October 22 to illuminate your pathway and both to bring love and pleasure in your life. Use this time to attract someone or to renew your relation, as you plan romantic getaways to keep the fire intact in your relationship.

Business and money

The Moon influences your career sector and this year 2019, the moon eclipses falls in your career and home sectors. They will bring positive impacts on the career front, but you must find balance between career and home. Expect some surprising events during July, then, again in December, as the moon eclipses are taking place in Cancer and Capricorn. Even, from the beginning of the year, you will notice the changes and the new beginning in your home sector. Then, in July, you will have to do something to improve your financial picture, possibly new source of income or kind of promotion. It is not going to be an easy task, but you will make it, you will be able to close a deal and take benefits of the moon positive movements.
Your second house of Money will host, your ruler, Venus- planet of love, as well as money, from October 9 to November 1st. The Sun will be with you, which means a friend of you can help you a lot and you can have amazing financial deals or contracts that can make your life easily in the future. Just a suggestion, as your loads are too heavy, consider working part time, this can help to reduce your stress.

The year of 2019 will have stress and lot of work in store. Make sure, you take your vitamins and exercise regularly, as the family members may put too many demands on your daily schedule. You need to take time off and take care of your health in March 2019, as Mercury will be in your 6th house of health, moving Retro. If you are diagnosed with serious disease, make sure you have second opinion, as Mercury in Pisces is know to be fogy and unclear. At the same time, Mercury will conjunct Neptune and contributes to the confusion. Expect unclear diagnosis or no clear reason found for your ailment. Protect your immune system, take life enzymes and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as Neptune will stay long time in your 6th house of health.
Make sure, you have regular medical check-ups in 2019, at least once in a quarter. You will have a tendency to put in your best effort on the work front which may result in an overtired mind and body. Your mental stress can be reduced by some positive changes at work after May 2019. You will sense a boost in your energy levels when you start losing that extra weight you've been carrying around.



The year of 2019 is going to be full of excitement and unique experiences for you. You will be gregarious and warm with friends and family and relationships will be better than they have been in a long time. Remember, you like your freedom, but you must learn to give freedom to the one you love, to your partner, as Uranus, the planet of revolution and freedom will be traveling for the next 7 years in your partnership house. It is going to influence mainly these that are born in the first 5 degrees of Scorpio, born between October 23 and October 28, the rest will have impact in the next few years. Pay attention to your partner's opinion and let them do whatever they want, other wise you may experience loss, as the love have to be without limitations and expectation. Dalai Lama wrote: "Give the one you love wings to fly, roots to comeback and reason to stay".
You may be lucky with money, it is an year to save money for a rainy days.

Love and relationships
Keep your jealous and possessive nature under control, dear Scorpio, as such behavior can prove destructive to your relationship. You need your partner for crucial emotional support this year; so do your best to maintain peace and harmony. If you are seeking love, you will be blessed from October 9 to November 1st, as Venus will be in Scorpio. Mars, your ruling planet will be in your first house from November 20 until the end of 2019. You will share some memorable moments with your partner during the last quarter of 2019.
Another wonderful time to enjoy your life will be when Venus visits your 5th house of love from March 27 until April 20. During this time Mars will be visiting your work sector, you health and service home. Be very careful, as you may meet your loved one in your work, it will be better if is in the gym, as you both will enjoy the physical activity. May be you can save half of the money for the gym and spend half of the time in bed, instead of in the sport center :
Pay attention to your communication with the people you love during March 2019, as Mercury will travel in your 5th house of love. The chances are, someone from your past may ask for date again. Think twice and answer this question: Why do you split in the first place? If you can solve this issue, go ahead, reunite with your old flame. If not, better not waste your precious time.

Business and money
It is going to be lucky year for you, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel is in your second house of money. If you have been waiting to ask for raise or promotion, this is your year.
This is a very good year for entrepreneurs, as well, as they will forge new partnerships and discover new opportunities in 2019. Don't miss any opportunity, as this will be one of the best.
If you want to change your work or start a new business, better start it in January or February. You will feel some pressure at the workplace during June. Don't argue with no one, especially with customers, even with co-workers. Your ideas may be the best, but remember, let everyone have their own opinion and respect that.
The other good days for your business will be from July 2 to August 18, when your ruling planet take place in your career sector. The Sun will be there to join Mars from July 22 to August 18. Watch your competitors, be on top of your business, offer the best product with the best customer service, if you want to be the winner.

The planets promise Scorpio's health in 2019 to remain stable and good. You might have trouble by minor health-related ailments, but you will feel good and look god, as you love sport and you like physical activity. Being known as the sex master of the zodiac is a big plus for you, too, as the sex can provide relaxation, stress management and good blood circulation.
Negative and depressive thoughts may elevate your anger and the sense of insecurity during June or July! Stay positive! If you have no partner- use the gym and lose these extra pounds, get more fresh air and eat healthy. Don't hold your emotions, better find creative outlet or a trusted friend to share them, instead of trying to escape in the sweet indulgence of alcohol or drugs. It is a Big NO! NO!
Luckily, this year, your planet Mars have no retro motion and you will be happy to enjoy good health and sport activities. If you need dental help, make an appointment immediately, I am sure you will find one, recommended by your sister or brother. This is valid especially when Saturn moves retro in May and June.



Dear Sagittarius, this is a year to remember! Plan to fulfill your heart's desire, follow your dreams, you will be lucky to get what you want, no matter what. No kidding, you don't have to go here or there and do much effort, just rely on your good luck. Jupiter, your planet travels in your own sign, a rear aspect that comes once in 12 years! Now, sit down and write what you really want and where you want to go. Make a plan and follow it! It will be prosperous year, one that you can meet your soul mate; to travel and see the world- you name it. Just don't forget, what ever you get easily, you may lose it, if you don't make an effort to hold it and show that you deserve it, as Jupiter will move to Capricorn in December 2019 and you will be empty handed. Again, if you find your soul mate or favorite job- devote and be present, show your curiosity and loveliness, be as generous, as you are and the rest of it will be easy. Any contract you sign during Jupiter in your 1st home will bring abundance and happiness, so hurry up, get married, start a new business, or travel around the world- it is your fortunate year!

Love and relationships
Love is an adventure for you Sagittarius! Your popularity in the New Year will rise and your attitude and outlook will be a source of inspiration. You will be effortlessly popular and very much a people person, as you love to flirt and say jokes whatever you go! Tolerance, kindness and leadership are your best qualities and you should capitalize on these. You will meet and make new friends, you will travel widely and learn about different country and their people. Expect someone very special to enter your life this year and don't be too casual with them. Pay close attention; this person is quite unexpected, a perfect match. You think, it is too good to be true? It is really true! If you are looking for love, you can find one during traveling, especially from July 2 to August 19, as Mars will be in your house of long journey. Venus will be in the same house from July 29 to August 21st. Wow! This is the best time from July 29 to August 18 to meet a soul mate, as Venus and Mars meets once in 4 years, even more, they will be in beautiful kiss; this time - in your foreigner sector or higher education. If you are student, you will fall in love within someone with sweet foreigner accent. If you have partner, plan a vacation together! It will be the best trip ever had! Couples will be happy most of the year, but in the summer, they will experience romantic memorable moments!

Business and money

Though there would be a steady flow of money there would also be corresponding expenses, as you are going to travel widely. No worry, it will be worth it! All these expenses will prove beneficial for you in a long run, for your personal life, as well as your career. People that you are going to meet will contribute to your prosperity, as well.
You will be lucky, still, you have to work to pay bills and vacations, to get the ring for your love, so fold your sleeves and be ready to dig deep and find best deals and advertise your business. It will be no problem with your popularity and good friends! Still, you have important decisions to take. Don't wait to long, grab the opportunity that comes right the way before you lose the deal! And don't make too many promises or flirt with too many coworkers. Put all your efforts in one place and you will succeed. The year will be great, if you are in sale or travel business, but you can be lucky in real estate and photography, as well.
Just a couple of warnings, as Mercury rules your career, don't sign any contracts when Mercury is Retro in March 2019, also from July 4 to 31st .

Sagittarius, you are an adventure seeker and a powerhouse of boundless energy, you are not one to shy away from exercise. Watch your health in April and take your vitamins, if you want to improve the immune system- take enzymes or eat more row fruits and vegetables to protect from cold and flu.
As you will be very happy, the endorphins of happiness will make you smiling all year long, also, they will protect your immune system and keep you in the good health. Just improve your diet and eat healthy and you will be fine. If you experience minor discomfort, you will be lucky to find the best doctors or the best remedy to heal and recover fast! Sign up for gym and make time in your schedule to exercise 2-3 times a week. Your body needs to be well hydrated during your vigorous physical workouts, so always carry a water bottle with you.
In times, when everyone else is busy and you feel alone without company, don't be depressed! Stay positive, express your thought and feelings, as you channel your energy through a creative project or go out for a walk, spend more time in the nature; taking a pictures of favorite birds or flowers will be healing, too.


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You are hard working, ambitious, even workaholic sign. This year, especially for your hard work and dedication, you will be laden with opportunities on every front. Saturn, your planet, travels in your sign since December 17. Most of Capricorns learned their lessons, actually, it was not very bad, as you like Saturn, you prefer structure, rules and laws in your life, as you know they will protect your life. Now, Saturn is almost ready to bring your rewards. One more year and in 2020 you will see a big basket with big rewards or an envelop with large check, right there by your door. Again, with a little more efforts you will be at the top of the hierarchy very soon. You may have to travel for work from April to August, as Saturn turns retro and you have to perform multiple jobs or duties. Being father or mother, at the same time, great manager at work, or training your co-workers, you will be busy all year long. Your willpower is unbelievable and unparalleled, so you can achieve all that you need to do. You will surprise yourself this year how strong you are!

Love and relationships
Married or engaged, you will have one of your best romantic years! Even more, I can say magnificent! You will enjoy your romantic love, as well as family and children. The ruler of love and pleasure, Venus will be your house of friends and long term plans from the New year ahead. Venus can promise to bring pleasure and a lot of fun! You will be surprised how content your personal life can be, you will be in a hurry to get home and spend time with the people you love. If you are single, the days between May 16 and June 9 will be great to mingle and socialize. I am not going to be surprise, if you go to party with co-workers and meet someone special during this time. You might find somebody of a different faith or completely different outlook towards life. Prepare for surprise and challenged.
You may have some miscommunications or conflict about money or financial situation with your partner during April 2019. Listen well, compromise, do your best, try to keep the harmony, hope you will be able to save the relationship. If you do now, it will be enduring for many years ahead.

From February 15 to the end of March you may enjoy vigorous physical activities, including sport, heavy lifting and gymnastic. You will enjoy having rewarding sex, if you have partner, as Mars will travel in your 5th house of love, pleasure and fun at the same time. Children can contribute to your pleasurable activities, as well.

Business and money

You want to be recognized, dear Capricorn, and you do crave status! This year Saturn will put you in position of a good status and good position of the hierarchy. Even more, you have your dream job, build your confidence and professional skills. Create balance in your life, as you will be very busy! Set your priority and follow your schedule. The ruler of your career is the planet Venus and it play big role this year. Venus will travel in your first house, from the beginning of the year and this is a great sign that 2019 will bring love, money and prosperity for Capricorn.
From June 10 to July 10, Venus will travel in your work place. If you are waiting to ask for raise, make sure you tell your boss how important it is to be motivate to do the best job. Even more, someone of your co-workers, from the opposite sex may notice your meticulous job and bring it to your boss, this may contributes to your popularity and having soon the raise, you are looking for.
From May 17 to July 21st, roll up your sleeves, to bit the competitors, you must work hard, offer the best service and best product and have better than competitor's goods.

You will want to get rid of bad habits in 2019, if you have any. Health issues might get in the way of your productivity and confidence, as they leave you with a sense of negativity and lack of control. So, you are advised to take good care of yourself. Stomach related ailments are indicated during the March-April months, due to some very unhealthy food habits. Visit your doctor in March and make all necessary tests to make sure you are in a good health condition. If you find anything that bothers you, take care and try to resolve any issue, as soon as it arrived, before become chronic. It applies to your knee and bones and skeleton, as Saturn, your planet travel in your sign, Saturn governs bones and knees!
Attention elderly - protect your bones, try to be conscious when you walk in the winter, protect from falling, take your vitamins and calcium! Exercise and healthy eating are the keys! Have small and frequent meals, rather than eating a lot in one sitting. To have strong mind, body and soul, you need to relax and sleep well, have balanced fun and work loads.
Pay extra attention if you are traveling in April, especially if you travel to a place for the first time and you are not familiar with the road. Take your time and don't talk on your phone, pay attention to the traffic to protect from injury.



The freedom loving sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, you love to love and to laugh and this year you will have the chance to prove your loyalty and defend your independence. Expect changes in the home front, prepare to have great social life and make many new friends. It is a year to be networking and finding your place in your community, and in your neighborhood. Do you have friends that live close to you? Do the local people know who you are? If not, this should be your goal. Get to know your neighbors and let then know you. Volunteer for your school, be active in the local area or help in the library of your town, helping others, you will help yourself. What you give to your community, this is what you will receive.
Jupiter, the ruler of your friends and social life, during 2019 travels in your friends and groups house all year long. If you want to create group or circle of supportive friends, this is your year! Start from the beginning of the year. Jupiter will be Retro from April 11 to August 12, this will be a time to make your research and do your homework, instead of signing contracts or launching a new group or organization. During Jupiter Retro cycle, it is possible to be invited from old associates or friend to get together in a group you used to be a member. Don't reject their invitation,
You never know, you may enjoy it again or you may find out that the group has business purpose - the same as yours.

Love and relationships

Mercury, your planet of love starts the year of 2019 in your friends house! This is a sign of good social life and new friends. This can make you popular in your group, people will notice your philanthropic nature and innovative mind. If you are single, you may even find someone intriguing and freedom loving like you among these groups. If you re married or engaged, you and your mate will have pleasurable time with friends in March, as Venus travels in Aquarius.
The time, when you have to be cautious is the time when Mercury, your love planet travels through the sign of Pisces- almost the entire March of 2019. It will be fun; you can enjoy creativity and use your imagination, just don't start new relationship, don't believe in someone who promise you to bring you a star, as soon as Mercury move direct, you will find that this person was misleading you and hide the real truth about his/ her personal affairs. If you are married, be careful when communicating, it is possible to have misunderstanding and arguments about jealousy; don't accuse your loved one for something you have no prove, you may fell sorry later.
A second time, from 8 to 31st of July, your love ruling planet, Mercury will be Retro- this time in your partnership's sign. Count until 10 before you say something, keep a peace and don't argue with your partners, as miscommunication and difficulty are possible. Never get married or sign contract when Mercury retro!
Venus will travel in your fifth house of love from June 10 to July 3, this time to bring excitement and pleasing activities. It will be fun if you are with your loved one, or with children. It is a good time for dating, if you are looking for one.
Venus and Mars, a rear conjunction, kissing each other, will be pleasantly noticed in your 7 house of partnerships from July 29 to August 18. Use this time for love, vacation or to get married; it can bring harmony and love at the same time. You and your loved one will have amazing experience! Singles- don't miss this really high octave energy time- have fun and make changes in your life, it is memorable time when you may meet your soul mate or bring your relationship to a new level.

Business and money

This year, you will get an opportunity to be part of a creative project in the workplace. The project will be very appealing and interesting for you, and, you will completely indulge yourself in it. Your work and innovativeness will impress those around you. Trust your instincts and innovative ideas; this venture is sure to be a success.
You will crave to increase your income and you work hard to attract more customers if you have your own business. You want to be powerful and to influence the world! You will need to use your creativity in order to succeed.
March can be challenging, as your planet of love travel in your house of money. Count your penny and don't try to satisfy every desire your children have or if your loved one wants to go on vacation. Be thrifty during March, as Mercury moves Retro all month long. Mercury meets with Neptune and creates illusions, a clients or colleague may promise something they can not fulfill, or you may have many cancelation during this time.
July will be pleasant and successful, you will attract money and new clients. The end of the year, November and December will be very busy and you may consider them, as the best productive and financially rewarding months.

For health reasons, try to reduce sugar intake and processed foods. A good diet is important to balance emotions and mental health. It is natural for you to take charge in all areas. Again, drink a lot of water and don't worry to much, as you have a tendency to stay late or to overwork your brain, always looking for new and original, pioneering ideas. Meditate and have balance of work and sleep. With an increased relaxation and positive energy in your life, you will feel physically and mentally positive. Health concerns will be minimal for you in 2019, still, be sure to do a health examination early in the year, around January or February. You like to exercise, but you get bored easily, therefore, it takes determination to stick to this program. Getting a friend for a company will make a big difference and you will motivate each other not to miss any yoga or dance class.
Best time to start a diet or new physical activities will be during Mars is in your 6 house of work and health, from May 17 until July 1st.
Plan some recreational activities with children or friends, this will recharge your battery and increase you self esteem, you will sleep better and feel better.


Neptune the planet of the ocean, of our higher self, it is your planet, dear Pisces. Neptune creates beautiful fog in your life, making everything gorgeous and tempting. It is great to visualize and dream often, just don't forget to get to the ground and be more practical once in a while.
I love ideas of living in the beautiful imaginative world, but then, when we meet with ugly truth, we are more stressed out. Spend more time with friends that are more practical than you, find partner that can help you in everyday life maze, as you may get lost, especially if you are born in the middle of March. Use your rich imagination and a deep, sensitive soul to show off your artistic side in 2019.
This year, you can expect new growth in spirituality, your creativity to blossom.

Love and relationships
The year begins with moon and Venus both in your house of partnership; this is a good sign that you will be lucky through your partner this year. You husband or other legal partners will prove to bring financial success and prosperity in your life. You can solve any partnerships issues and pay your credit cards. If you are looking for loan or refinancing, this is your year! Money and good luck comes through you partnerships, so hurry up and sign this contracts, join efforts with friend or trusted business associate and create a successful union, by the end of the year, you will have a reason to celebrate!
You may have confusing, miscommunication time in March, as Mercury travels Retro in your sign, Pisces.
Venus will be in Pisces in the spring, from March 27 to April 20; it is a beautiful time to start a new creative project or to enjoy your life, renew your wardrobe or your hair color, you will attract love and money whatever you go during this time.
The year will end with Mars in your 9th house of traveling and long distance contact. You may spend a lot of money, but you will have fun and pleasurable activity. If you are single, you may meet a partner and you may have a great intimacy and sex, but be careful, as this person may have difficult to fulfill his promises or you may not able to keep the relationship, due to the distance and inability to get together as often, as you want.

Business and money

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, rules you house of career and this year will spend it's time in your professional and career sector. Pisces, you appreciate creativity in all its forms, and you especially appreciate and enjoy the ability to express your natural creativity at work. If you are looking for new career or new job, this is your year! New opportunities are in your way. If you have business or offer some service, connected with creativity and beauty, expect your business to flourish and you to be famous in whatever you do.
Your intuition will help you in 2019, with business and personal relationships. Your sixth sense is one of your strongest qualities it will take you in the right direction, trust it and follow your hint and you will be glad you did. Everyone around you deeply trusts your hunches. Use this great quality to attract the people that can lead you to a new direction, new job or new ventures! If you find the job you like, don't pay attention to the salary, temporary compromise. You are talented and creative and you will be appreciated, recognized and rewarded soon.
Best time to look for job or to move to a new office? July and August are the best, as the Sun, Venus and Mars, all, hand by hand will be visiting your sixth house of work and service, you will be fortunate in the summer time. You will be recognized in your workplace if you are passionate about what you do and the rest will follow.


As you are the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, you have a knack for understanding and emulating each of the previous signs. Like a fish with shimmering scales that seems to play visual tricks, Pisces too can be a shape shifter. Astrologers sometimes refer to Pisces as the "Psychic Sponge". You are compassionate, sensitive, psychic. The good part is that you love to help others and feel what they feel, contrary to that, you absorb the good and the bad vibes and negativity whatever you go. We don't have to tell you that we don't feel good, you felled before we open our mouth and before we say a word. How you are going to protect your self from all the negativity in the world and keep the balance, peace and harmony that you are looking for? Your health and wellness are so much related to your spirituality and mental state and peace, dear Pisces. You crave a life of calmness, tranquility, and prosperity. You should keep your expectations realistic and learn to cultivate inner peace despite the chaotic circumstances you will go through. For the sake of your wellness, in 2019, you need to work on controlling your emotions and making it easy for yourself to stay happy. A tension free mind is a must if you want to concentrate on your work.
You planet Neptune travels in your own sign all year long and make you even more receptive. Your psychic ability getting increased and your spirituality raises above and beyond. Learn to self-sooth, self love and self protection! Try not to escape from reality by using alcohol or drugs, especially in March when Mercury Retro, the Sun and Neptune all conjunct in Pisces. Instead, meditate and write your dreams, use essential oils/ aromatherapy or art therapy to clear your mind and sleep longer to recharge your batteries.

Have a happy and full of joy year!

Margarita Ivanova- Gita

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