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Margarita Ivanova - Gita works with clients for the last 20 years and helped many to heal their souls and accomplish their goals. She is a coach, astrology counselor, mentor.
Her expertise is mainly in life transitions and relationship's issues. Her clients prefer her in it's place of others astrologist, as Gita holds a Psychology degree from DePaul university and uses psychological methods to help her customers clarify their thoughts, take the right decision, the one that comes from their own heart without changing their value systems. She aids them to change their thinking method and find peace and love in every difficult life transitions. By using creativity and expressive arts, Gita facilitates atmosphere of relaxation and stress management, client get in touch with their feelings and someplace the route of expression becomes easer and meaningful. They find solutions to their problems by contacting their own unconsciousness and their true nature.
Astro Gita uses different astrology methods to calculate the best time to start business or new relationships. She does synastry and compatibility for couples to test the probability of stability and longevity of the matches. She guides her clients to make realistic plans for the future and how to execute them.
Gita's consultations are combination of astrology, psychology, and psychotherapy and art therapy. During sessions, clients receive knowledge and spiritual wisdom, as they discuss their problems and analyze their situation to define measures to solve their problems. Finally, clients receive encouragement and support; with the clear picture they have drawn on their own. People say they feel relieved, satisfied and able to move to the next step in their life.