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"Love Yourself"
Behavioral Management Program
Created by Margarita Ivanova

Purpose of the program:
  • Lose 20 to 30 pounds for three months program
  • Lose 40-50 pounds for five months  program
  • You will change your style of living completely, as you change your behavior and eating habits.
  • You will be able to retrieve your own power, make new life decision and solve your problems which caused eating problems.
  • Learn to love your self - Learn who you are, understand yourself and your needs.
  • Learn the healthy way of living ---healthy eating and exercise.
  • Improve your personal life and solve your problems. 
This program is for people who are overweight and want to lose weight and make positive changes to their life

No more dieting!!!

Instead, change eating patterns and life style completely.

Main purpose of the program is to loose weight by improving eating behavior and building new eating patterns.

 How: As you understand your emotions and feelings, find the roots of them and transform your pain and negative thoughts to constructive power that can change your life for good.

Complimentary to the program are also: Learn how to eat healthy and live healthy; art therapy and stress management

To get best of the program you should participate at list 3 months, but the best result occurs after 5 months

What you are going to learn:
  • How to develop and keep positive self-esteem
  • How to establish and maintain healthy relationships
  • How to eat and exercise in healthy amounts and feel good about your body
  •  How to deal with mounting school pressures
  • How to cope with feelings that you may be unique, different from others around you
  • How to develop a sense of self-responsibility, rather than always feeling like a victim
  • How to set goals and follow through so you can make your own hopes and dreams come true

How the program will help you? You will be able to:
  • Identify Life Goals
  • Discover New Possibilities
  • Remove Obstacles to Change
  • Make Action Plans and Follow Through


$150.00 for the first month (4 sessions -1 hour each)
 After that- 25 dollars per session, 4 session per month.
We accept payment by Major Visa and Master Cards.

New to the program: First month session are mandatory, during second and third you may have on line session and phone discussions, but at list- once a month meeting.

About the Instructor:
Margarita Ivanova holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Art in Psychology from DePaul University. Her area of expertise is behavioral management for building healthy eating and habits. She is the founder of the school program “How to foster behavior modifications among children to build healthy eating patterns by using expressive arts”. She has studied and researched obesity, school food programs and how to protect children from obesity by changing their behavior. Those studies have guided her to develop a completely new, innovative idea, where children learn their thoughts, feelings and emotions about food by playing and using expressive arts. As they progress, they develop a new role model and make positive changes in their own behavior.

Margarita Ivanova studied also behavioral management for emotional eating and obesity problems with adults. During her research and externship’s program ,she created a weight-loss course for adults: “Love your self”.