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Margarita Ivanova- Gita holds a degree from DePaul University, with emphasis on psychology. Her passion is astrology and psychology, and she successfully masters the bridge between both spheres.
Gita has worked with clients, as astrology consultant for the last ten years, and has helped many to heal their souls and reach their goals. She writes a weekly horoscope column in a Bulgarian newspaper in Chicago as well as another column, called “Heal your Soul” where she provides free advice to the readers of another Bulgarian newspaper ”Zlatorog.” She, also regularly writes articles on psychological astrology.
As astrology advisor, Gita uses psychological methods of psychotherapy in relations to astrology and Greek mythology. She applies art therapy, as she connects psychology with art therapy to help her clients overcome difficult life transitions and stress to achieve fulfilling and enjoyable life.
Margarita Ivanova, Gita is a follower of one of the best American psychotherapist Carl Rogers, founder of the client centered therapy approach on psychoanalysis. By delving deep into his work she has learned his principles and how to win her clients trust. At the same time, she studied broadly the work of Carl Rogers daughter, Natalie Rogers, also psychiatrist, who uses expressive arts and rituals to help her clients “let go”, to find their life’s missions or to solve their everyday life’s problems.
She studied thoroughly Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, one of the founding fathers of modern depth psychology, whose famous concept about the unconsciousness has had a deep influence not only on psychology but also on philosophy and the arts. He used in his practice astrology and art therapy to heal his clients.

Gita is frustrated by today’s modern psychotherapy that helps clients to “adjust” to the situation or treat them with medications instead of taking the time to talk and get the core of the problem. She said, treated, not healed, because Thomas Moore, well known psychologist and author of best selling book  ”Care of the soul”, in his private practice doesn’t use medications to treat his clients. He heals them, as he “cares” for their souls. She looks on astrology for the beauty, meaning, and magic of the universe, then, she allows the ancient idea of the Greek Mythology that the Sun, Moon and other planets represent the narrative of existence. She simply makes fascinating bridge between psychology and astrology in order to help her clients heal their souls and most important – to reach their goals.
Astro-Gita sessions educate, motivate, and encourage. Her consultations have a great impact over the psych since she knows how to use and present its symbols to get in touch with her clients’ feelings and emotions.

Finally, AstroGita’s motto is:  “ HEAL YOUR SOUL” which corresponds with her mission to make difference in people’s life and to help them heal their souls, get the most of their potential and have enriched, happy and soulful life.