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There is a time when should socialize more and look for love and romance. The most romantic time you are going to have during the time the planet of love, Venus travels through your own astrology sign. You are going to attract more people during this time.

When Mars and Venus, both occupy your sign, there area chance to find your life partner. Even more, if you start a relationship during this time, it will be durable and harmonious.
Be careful and don't start  nothing new during the time Venus or Mars going retro.

When Mars is in yours sign you can find partner that is compatible to you, you experience great pleasure, have wonderful sex, have a lot of activity and your energy with the other person really flows freely.

If Mars or Venus form unfavorable/negative aspects with your Sun, or to each other, then, you may attract partner that is more aggressive or you have different value system, then the relationship will be difficult and painful.

It is a good time to look for new love when Venus and Mars travel through your sign or compatible signs( Example- Gemini is in harmony with other air and fir signs, ext)
Find your romantic time of 2016, as you learn when Venus and Mars  are in conjunction to your Sun, Venus or Mars, or when they travel through your fifth house of love and romance.

Harmonious Venus period  for Fire and Air signs 2016
Venus in Sagittarius January 1-23
Venus in Aquarius February 18 - March 12
Venus in Aquarius  December 8 to December 31
Venus in Aries April 6 to April 30
Venus in   Gemini May 25 to June 17
Venus in Leo July 13 to August5
Venus in Libra August 31 to September 23
Venus in Sagittarius October 19 until November 12

Harmonious Mars period  for Fire and Air signs 2016
Mars in Sagittarius  Mart 7 -  2 May  27, also- August 3 to27 September
Mars in Aquarius  November 10 to December 19

Harmonious Venus period  for Water and Earth signs 2016
Venus in Pisces  March 13- to April 5
Venus in Taurus May 1- May24
Venus in Cancer June 18 to July 12
Venus in Virgo August 6 to 30
Venus in Scorpio September 24 to October 18

Harmonious Mars period  for Water and Earth signs 2016
Mars in Scorpio January 4 to March 7. Also May 28 to August 2
Mars in Capricorn September 29 to November 9
Mars in Pisces December 20 to the end of 2016

Periods when Mars and Venus occupy the same sign in 2016
Venus and Mars , both in Aquarius, December 8- to December 20. Good for Air, also Fire signs.

Periods when Mars and Venus occupy well-matched signs in 2016
Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio, January 24 to February18. Good for Earth and Water signs
Venus in Aries, Mars  in Sagittarius April 6 to April 30. Good for Fire and Air signs
Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, June 18 - July 13. Good for Water and Earth signs
Venus in Leo, Mars on Sagittarius  July 3th and 4th. Good for Fire, also, Air signs
Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius August 31 -September 23. Good for Air and Fire signs
Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn, September 28- October 19, Good for Water and Earth signs
Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Aquarius - November 10,11,12. Good for Fire and Air signs