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What you need to be happy in your career?

Where to find Career Potential?

To find a fulfilling career, you should first recognize your talents and interests and then search for work that fills you with enthusiasm and a sense of being alive.
In vocational astrology, the natal Moons placement in your horoscope has much to do with what you need to have satisfaction. It is important to look at your Rising sign, the Sun and the Moon.
I am going to use my own chart to give you some examples.

Rising Sign
My Rising Sign or Ascendant, is in the sign of Cancer.
Cancer is ruled by The Moon, it is in the third house.
Cancer is emotional, protective sign, he is nurturing, caring and likes to help and protect others. Cancer is the Mother of the world.
These, who already know me well, I believe they see me as a Mother of the world. Cancer rising are psychologist, best chefs, they have caring jobs.
The ruler of my cancer Rising, my moon is placed in the my Third house of communication. Whatever I do I use it to express myself, to communicate, to write, to study and make short distance trips.

Moons placement
How the Moons placement in your horoscope reflect what you need in order to have fulfillment in your career.
My Moon is in Leo, in the third house. Moon in Leo needs to be in the center of the stage, to leads seminars, groups and activity with children and pleasure, to work with arts and express the inner child inside of me. Yes, I enjoy being teacher to children, I never been a professional teacher, but I do this voluntarily and I enjoy working and coaching children, especially by using arts.

The Sun's Sign
My Sun's Sign is in Gemini, in the 12th house.
Gemini is the sign of communication. Writing, talking, teaching, working with hands. The sign that needs?constant mental stimulation, the sign that likes to learn new things and be life student. Gemini needs variety in heir daily schedules and meeting with many peoples. I am a mature women, it is too late to change my career, but all of this applies to my personality and I really enjoy all these activities, I am typical Gemini and I am happy who I am. Of course, took me many years to find out who I am and what I will enjoy to work. It will be easy, if you follow your Sun sign to find something that you are going to do all life long, something that you enjoy, too.

My Sun, though, is placed in the 12 house. The twelfth house is also the house of solitude and confinement and both of these experiences support the work of the twelfth house. In twelfth house, the planets are energies turned inward; they allow us to integrate knowledge and work through our shadow. Often people who spend time in prisons, ashrams, or voluntarily choose isolation have strong 12th house placements. I like to work in solitude, as well, not all the time, but I need a lot of time for retrospection, writing my poems. Working on my client's astrology charts takes a long time with a lot of concentration and a lot of calculations, for which I need to be alone, without any interruptions.
In vocational astrology the second, sixth, and tenth houses are the most important.

The second house
The Second House Cusp (Cusp is the line that end one house and starts the next house; or splits two houses)
The second house indicates what resources (talents, values, money, and assets) are at our disposal for developing our self-worth and making a living. My second house is in the cusp of the sign of Cancer. I can easily make money working with people and helping them, caring for them, cooking for them. If I use these talents, I will never be without money in my packet.

The sixth house
?/strong>The sixth house symbolizes the work environment, our co-workers, and the type of day-to-day labor involved. In the sixth house cusp, I have Scorpio. Scorpio are psychologist, passionate about every subject they study. They go deep in their researches and they go to the roots, nothing superficial is likable from Scorpio. I study psychology, I practice astrology by using psychological techniques. I do a lot of researches in my daily work. I am passionate about my work and do it thoroughly, with details, until I get to the roots of the problem. I believe that medications in psychological problem dont work, or if they do, it is temporarily, as the problem come again, sooner or later, until we get to the root, then we work with them and then, the client is healed.

The Midheaven
Where is your Midheaven (where the tenth house begins)? Pisces is in the Midheaven,
The tenth house is the quintessential house of career and shows where we can become successful and achieve recognition in the eyes of the world.
My Midheaven is in Pisces.

The Ruler of the 10th house

The Ruler My 10th house (Pisces) is Neptune and it is located in my 5th house. The activities of my 10th house serve the agenda of the 5th house. Building a reputation, gaining recognition for achievements, personal self-expression, romance and interactions with children. I build a reputation for being a creatively expressive person, my professional life should revolves around the arts and children.? I should bring a professional approach to my hobbies.

Yes, I am very creative person, even I have not published yet, I wrote many poems. I had wrote many articles for Bulgarian news peppers. I use my creativity and talent to express myself as I create beautiful culinary items, as well. I work (not very often) with children, by using arts to help them make behavioral changes. Yes, I turn my hobbies in to profession. The first one, cooking, the second- astrology. Now I make money from both hobbies, as I learned and developed both them into a career.
In order to find out career fulfillment you have to follow these rules.. Then, you have to look for your challenges and your talents. You have to discover where is the rulers of every planets in your natal chart and where they lead you to. The best thing you can do , you can call your astrology adviser and order your career potentials horoscope.