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Astrology & Weight Loss

Second House and Eating Patterns:

There are many things to consider when we look at astrology and weight loss. Illogically, I am going to start with our attitudes towards food.

Food is represented by the 2nd house of our horoscope. This means that it is part of the “flavor” of Taurus and Venus and 2nd house. In Astrology, each house encompasses more than one thing. Many of us have food, money, security and self worth all tangled together in our minds and subconsciousness.
Have you ever eaten when you were worried about money? When you had feelings of low self worth? When you felt insecure? Welcome to the club. As we know, food is not the answer to money problems. It is not the answer to low self worth or insecurity either, but astrologically, because food is in the same house as these other values, it is easy for us to confuse them.

I had a room mate, long time ago, she was unsecure and worry about money. She lost 15 pounds for a year and then she started to worry about her weight and health. I was not astrologer at this time, because I would be curious to see where her second house is.  She had worry about her family, mother and brother. She eat just a little bit, she saved all her money to her family.

If you are fascinated and curious about how the astrology horoscope is connected to your eating patterns, look at your second house, the value house.

Look at the sign on the leading cusp (edge) of your second house. What is it? This will tell you something about your attitudes towards food and security. Are there any planets in your second house? What are they? What sign are they in? Is this sign different from the one on the cusp of your second house? Each sign has a ruling planet. What planet is associated with the sign on the cusp of your 2nd house? For example, cancer is ruled by the Moon; when Taurus- by Venus, ext.

Another example, my cousin, she has Leo on the cusp of the 2nd house. Leo, ruled by the Sun represents the joyful, playful creative side of our nature. It is what gives us pleasure. This suggests that for her, food needs to be creative, playful, joyful, and that she get a great deal of pleasure from food. This is true. She shared with me that she likes to try lots of different foods. When she cook, she doesn’t use recipe books. Instead, she likes to invent and try out new combinations her my own, never fixing anything the same way twice. Sometimes her creations are less satisfactory than others, but she enjoy doing something different. And, quite frankly, she loves food. Also, she needs to cut out eating that isn’t fun. Non-fun eating will not satisfy her, and eating without fun will only serve to encourage her to overeat later. Once we went to friend’s house, and she did not like their meatloaf, but she eat not to insult them, then when we came home, she start making salad at 10 pm, she said, she is hungry for fresh salad. I wonder why she ate there, if she doesn’t like the food. For her, food needs to be playful, fun, creative, a pleasurable activity. She eats a lots of naturally low calorie foods, and this isn’t a problem either, but she need to have fun.
I have Cancer, ruled by the Moon, on my second house. The Moon is the planet of nurturing. It represents how we nurture others and how we like to be nurtured. This means that I find the second house qualities nurturing–food, money, security, values, self worth, etc. These all nurture me, and I nurture others with second house qualities. This is very difficult house for weight loss.

We all need to be nurtured. Unfortunately, one of my ways of nurturing myself and others is via food. So, what I’ll need to do in order to be successful in my weight loss is to substitute other second house components for food–money, security, values, etc. I have to nurture with these things. When I do use food, it needs to be healthy food, but I also, I enjoy eating food and make food and feeding the people that I love. This is the way I show my love to them, that I care about them. My conclusion was that I have to cook only healthy food, with less fat and no sugar. I have to cook for the people I love to be satisfied and be happy without gaining weigh.

Then let’s look at the moon, where it is in which sign. I have Moon in The sign of Leo. Similar, to my cousin, I need to have pleasure and fun when I cook, to share with friends and children, and to be in playful way, as well.

These guidelines will be different for each of us, depending on the sign on the cusp of the second and on the planets in the second house. For some people, order is necessary for eating, for other people, meals are spiritual. Some people do best with eating alone. Others do best when they eat with people.
Look at your second house, the sign, the planet, the ruler. Look up at the cusps and where in which house is the ruler and find out what you like to eat, how and with whom. It is important to fallow this rules in order to be happy, so you don’t have to gain weigh, also, to be healthy and in high spirit.